United Baptist Church of Scranton

United Baptist Church of Scranton Covenant

Having been led by the Spirit of God to serve Christ in the Fellowship of this Congregation, we now affirm our Covenant with God and with each other.

We shall endeavor to love one another, help one another in joy and sorrow and welcome those who seek meaning for their lives, being always slow to take offense and always ready for reconciliation.

We shall strive to be responsible in our Church attendance, study and giving, always extending ourselves to help the poor and needy.

In our home, our labor and our leisure we will strive for attitudes and actions which will reflect God’s spirit working through us.

We will strive to be a loving, inclusive Church that does not discriminate on any basis.

Acknowledging our human frailties, we profess our need of the Holy Spirit, gratefully commit our lives to Jesus Christ and through him to the care and mercy of Almighty God.

Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Gary Eaches came to us in September 2018. He was born in raised in Ames, Iowa. Pastor Gary has two kids, Joel who is 15 and Michele who is 13. He attended Emmaus Bible College in Dubque Iowa. Before joining our church he was a youth pastor and worked in children's ministry. When not at the church, Pastor Gary enjoys drinking diet Pepsi and cheering on Iowa State Cyclone football. He has a great passion to preach God's Word and to help our church be passionate followers of Jesus Christ. One of his greatest passions is to encourage the church to stop playing the church and be the church by living out what the Bible teaches. The church would like to encourage you to reach out to Pastor Gary if you are in need of biblical counseling, prayer, hospital visits, a personal Bible Study or to just hangout with him drinking a nice cup of coffee. You can contact him by calling the church or emailing him: [email protected] You can also find him at the church office Tuesday through Thursday.

Here is Pastor Gary's testimony. He received Jesus as his savor when he was six years old. He grew up in an alcoholic family that had it's daily struggles. Pastor Gary had a zeal for God when he was younger. When He was 14 he was diagnosed with type one diabetes so health struggles is a part of his life. Pastor Gary was called into ministry in 8th grade. Life seemed to be going great for him. He got married in 2001 and had two great kids. Around 2005 the stress of life got to him and instead of trusting in God he turned to the bottle. Pastor Gary struggled with Alcohol until September of 2012. Because of his drinking and sin he lost his marriage, his ministry and almost lost everything. But God grabbed him out of his pit of dispair. The great thing about the gospel is the redemption stories of God's grace. In 2012 Pastor Gary recommitted his life to Christ and began the journey of deeply falling in love again with Jesus. Pastor Gary's story shows us that God will still use us even after we have fallen. We tell you this story to give you hope! To show you that none of us are perfect. We are United Baptist church welcomes you no matter what you are doing now or what you have done in the past. We truly believe what the Bible teaches, Jesus can truly change all of us.